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Version 3.05, February 13th, 2021

This release has some new features, including:

There are various bug fixes, including fixing import of marked-up text in DOCX files, and fixing keyword substitution in Epub/Mobi output.

For details about changes, please see What's New.

Version 3.04, December 23rd, 2020

This release corrects a couple of bugs in the storyboard document.

For details about changes, please see What's New.

Version 3.03, December 17th, 2020

This release supports Big Sur (macOS 11) and ARM Macs! Jutoh can now take advantage of Apple's exciting new M1-based machines, and also supports dark mode.

Other highlights of this release include: big speedup in table cell style edits; ability to exclude documents from the word count; image reimport support for fixed layout documents; bug fixes and other improvements in the Explorer tab; double-click a column label in a storyboard to insert a new column. There are various other bug fixes and small improvements.

For details about changes, please see What's New.

Support for Big Sur in beta, December 3rd 2020

As you may know, Apple have released some pretty interesting ARM-based Macs recently, running Big Sur (macOS 11). Big Sur and ARM support has required some retooling of Jutoh, but a beta is now available on the Download page for intrepid Jutoh customers to download and try out. It's a universal binary, so will run on Mojave and higher, Intel or ARM (natively). This beta also adds dark mode support on Mac.

All feedback on the beta is appreciated!

New mailing list, October 18th, 2020

Since Yahoo! Groups are going away in December 2020, we now have a Google mailing list. Please subscribe to this if you wish, or browse the group's web page:


Send messages using the address:


You can subscribe by sending a message to:


You can unsubscribe by sending a message to:


Version 3.02, October 18th, 2020

This release has bug fixes and some adaptations for Amazon's new advice to use Epub files instead of Mobi. Jutoh will warn you that Kindle Previewer 3 may nag you about using Epub instead of Mobi files, and offers to change the configuration or global Kindle generation setting.

Some accessibility options have been aded to the advanced preferences to show larger text in dialogs (Mac only) and separately, larger text in lists such as the Inspector.

For details about changes, please see What's New.

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Version 3.00, September 24th, 2020

Welcome to the first public release of Jutoh 3, with an improved user interface and many new features such as the storyboard; new Inspector modes for spelling, custom checking and formatting; writing prompt; the ebook 'Fiction: The Facts'; inspirational quotations, and more.