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Avangate affiliates

If you'd like to help spread the message about Jutoh, and earn a percentage from sales from your site, you can sign up as an affiliate with Avangate. You can direct your readers to a separate Jutoh purchase page at Avangate, or to the regular Jutoh Buy page. If you want to offer a discount coupon, to make it more attractive for customers to buy via your affiliate link, let us know and we can set one up.

Sign up as an Avangate affiliate here, and use the affiliate control panel to generate the correct link. (Avangate has become 2Checkout, and more recently Verifone, but the affiliate network is branded with the old name.)

Here's a video showing how the Avangate affiliate system works.


Here are some graphics that you can use in your affiliate page. You are also welcome to use any of the screenshots.

Jutoh logo 1200x1200

Jutoh logo 300x300

Jutoh logo 1200x1600

Jutoh logo 300x400

Jutoh logo 743x319

Jutoh button 360x360