Jutoh Specifications

Supported platforms

Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, 11 - 32-bit or 64-bit

Mac - from 32-bit PowerPC to latest 64-bit macOS

Linux - most variants

System requirements

100MB free disk space


Software type

Ebook editor with optional import from existing files

Runs locally, no network connection required

Can be installed on external drives and used in 'portable' mode for low impact on installed systems

Written in C++ for high speed and low dependency on other software

One-off payment with free updates for the same major version, no subscription required

Unlimited support via email


Editing and book creation: any Western language (left-to-right only)

User interface:

Import formats

Word (DOCX)

LibreOffice/OpenOffice (ODT)

Epub 2 and 3





Export formats

Kindle (reflowable and fixed layout)

Epub 2 & 3 (reflowable and fixed layout)

OpenDocument Text (ODT)




MP3 speech

Comic Book (CBZ)

DAISY (experimental)

PDF - via ODT+LibreOffice

Jutoh Plus: HTB (wxWidgets Help)

Jutoh Plus: CHM (Windows Help)


Named styles: paragraph, character, list, box

Drop caps facility

Bitmap image support

SVG image support, via third-party software creation/rendering

MathML support, via text import/code editing

Image output at configurable resolutions



Fields, including cross-references, variables, sequences, and bibliography/index items

Automatic table of contents creation - multiple TOCs supported

Bibliography creation, with internal database and customisable formatting

Index creation

Footnotes and endnotes

Internal and external hyperlink

Many optimizations and workarounds for quirks in specific formats

Can use Kindlegen for creating .mobi files, or can create Kindle-optimized Epub files

Conditional formatting

Variable substitution within content via string tables feature

Configuration system for customised formatting

Embedded fonts for Epub and Kindle

Detailed page style properties for print output

Automatically numbered headings

Project-wide formatting via Document Cleanup

Forms and buttons (Epub 3/HTML5)

Media objects: video and audio (where supported)

Basic cover designer with supplied templates and variable substitution

Splits a document into sections on import

Speech markup and text-to-speech configuration options

Narration markup using third-party software (Audacity)

User interface

Near-WYSIWYG text editor

Documents within a project shown in tabs

Document tabs can be dragged outside main window or inside to show multiple documents simultaneously

Configurable keyboard shortcuts and favourites

Inspector for viewing content within a project, such as images, tables, fields, and the detailed project outline

Global Find using the Inspector to see all matching content at once

Find and Replace with formatting options


Backup facility

Copy and paste


Full-screen mode

Fast keyword-searchable help system with a manual and Knowledge Base containing hundreds of articles

Comprehensive checking for issues with links to relevant topics and settings

Launch button opens compiled ebooks, configurable for multiple viewer applications


Preview Section command for quick preview in a web browser

Examine command for showing the code of an Epub or ODT

Creativity tools

Storyboard card-based planning tool

Writing Exercises - timed writing on a generated topic

Writing Recipes - helpful writing tips

Writing Cookies - inspiring writing quotations

Writing Goals - set targets for number of words written

Name generator - create character names for your story

Scraps folder - keep track of your research, pictures, notes, fragments of content, and so on

Fiction: The Facts ebook by historical mystery writer Harriet Smart

Jutoh 3 Plus features

HTML template system

Simple scripting language for automating tasks (e.g. import, export, setting metadata, inserting content)

Personalisation facility for creating personalised ebooks en masse

Custom compile message feature for automated proofing - common typos, clichés, and so on

HTB and CHM help file export