Jutoh Screenshots

Editing in Jutoh
Editing in dark mode on macOS
Jutoh-generated TOC and book outline in the Inspector
Editing a screenplay, showing favourite styles
The 'Birds' fixed layout sample
The storyboard planning tool
Speech markup and the speech palette
Assigning page styles in the print on demand wizard
Building a table of contents from heading styles
Customising keyboard shortcuts
A Wit and Wisdom quotation
The name generator
Writing goals
The writing prompt
Examining the metadata of a generatored Epub file. You don't have to edit this manually!
Editing table properties
Jutoh's searchable help
Splitting the window to take notes whilst editing
Finding all occurrences of a word in the Inspector
The clip library
Showing informative tips after compiling
Properties for customising a bibliography
Inserting a cross-reference
Bitmap and SVG variants in a drawing object
Configuring multiple viewers for export file types such as Epub
Form controls in the Epub 3 sample, for making interactive books
The code formatter dialog