Jutoh Support

Registering Jutoh

To unlock Jutoh after purchase, either click on the Register button on the Jutoh toolbar, or click on the Help menu (not the toolbar button!) and then on Register Jutoh. Enter or paste your user name and key into the fields on the registration dialog. If Jutoh does not recognise your key, make sure your user name and the key are exactly as provided by the email send to you. All 0s are numeric, not alphabetic; check also that you have not accidentally pasted extra characters. Please try several times before emailing us at jutoh@anthemion.co.uk.

Other questions

The following documentation is available:

If these don't answer your question, you can ask on the mailing list or send a question direct to jutoh@anthemion.co.uk with your question or bug report. We pride ourselves on giving prompt replies to your questions, and if you find a bug, we will try to provide you with a fix within a day, or for more complex issues, work with you to find a resolution.

Please note that as a registered user of Jutoh, you are eligible for unlimited free upgrades of the major version of this software (for example, all 2.x releases if you bought a previous 2.x release). You can just uninstall the old version, and download and install the new version. We have a policy of ensuring that existing project files will load in newer versions of Jutoh, even if new features have been added.

There is a mailing list for you to discuss issues with other users, and find out about new releases of Jutoh. To subscribe or view the message archive, click here:


Send messages using the address:


You can subscribe by sending a message to:


You can unsubscribe by sending a message to:


Reporting bugs

Before reporting a bug or asking a question, please check that your query is not covered by one of the above sources first.

If these don't answer your question, you can send a question direct to jutoh@anthemion.co.uk with your question or bug report. See also the support page.

To report a bug, please give us as much information as possible about the circumstances surrounding the problem. Sometimes it is necessary to send your Jutoh project file (.jutoh file) for us to look at. Over time, the file can get big, so before emailing it to us, compact the project by clicking on File and then Compact Project..

Reporting bugs on Windows

On Windows, if Jutoh crashes, you will be prompted for some notes and the automated bug report will be attached to an email message. We would be grateful for as much context as you can provide.

Reporting bugs on Mac

If Jutoh crashes on Mac, please click the Report button, select and copy the information in the problem report, and email it to us with a description of what command caused it. There is no need to send the crash report to Apple as it's unlikely they'll know what to do with it.

If you didn't click on the Report button, you can find the log from a previous crash. Crash log files are stored in different locations on different versions of Mac OS X:

Reporting bugs on Linux

On Linux, we would be grateful if you could run Jutoh under gdb and send us a stack trace of the problem.

To do this, fire up a terminal window e.g. with Ctrl+Alt+T, and check where Jutoh is installed. Do this by using the which command to tell you where the Jutoh runner script is; then view it, for example with the less viewer command. This will tell you where the actual installation folder is. Typically Jutoh is installed in /usr/share/jutoh or /opt/jutoh. Change directory to that folder and invoke gdb, and type run. For example:

% which jutoh
% less /usr/bin/jutoh
% cd /opt/jutoh
% gdb jutoh
% run
% bt

Now if or when Jutoh crashes, copy and paste the stack trace (or at least the first few dozen lines of it) into an email along with a description of the sequence of commands that led to the crash.

Thank you!