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About the Jutoh Knowledge Base


KB0001: How to adapt Jutoh to your language

KB0002: How to work with encodings

KB0003: How to improve document formatting

KB0004: How to format drop caps

KB0005: How to add an ISBN identifier to your books

KB0006: Epub 3 identifiers

KB0007: Adding multiple titles in the metadata

KB0008: How to add tables

KB0009: Jutoh shows a file encoding error message

KB0010: Imported lists are formatted incorrectly in the ebook

KB0011: Content doesn't appear in the compiled book

KB0012: Pictures don't appear in the imported project

KB0013: Some entries don't appear in the table of contents or Epub NavMap

KB0014: EpubCheck reports that some files aren't present, such as styles.css

KB0015: The cover image doesn't scale properly

KB0016: The formatting palette doesn't show

KB0017: Converting a book to PDF

KB0018: Adding page numbers and a table of contents in OpenOffice/LibreOffice

KB0019: How do you pronounce Jutoh?

KB0020: What are the restrictions of the demo?

KB0021: How do I register to unlock the demo?

KB0022: What do I do if Jutoh doesn't accept my registration key?

KB0023: What happens to my work if I uninstall Jutoh?

KB0024: How do I convert my document from PDF?

KB0025: What languages are supported?

KB0026: Does Jutoh support Epub 3?

KB0027: How do I change styles, for example to add indentation?

KB0028: How do I reset Jutoh?

KB0029: Is Jutoh compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon Drive and iCloud?

KB0030: How do I install Kindlegen and Kindle Previewer?

KB0031: Why are Kindle files larger than Epub files?

KB0032: Does Jutoh run on 64-bit Windows Vista and Windows 7/8?

KB0033: On Mac OS X, why I can't save to certain file names?

KB0034: How do I install Jutoh on Linux?

KB0035: Why do Jutoh and Windows sometimes use different shortcuts?

KB0036: Why does HTML/Epub import not preserve all my styles?

KB0037: Why does ODT import ignore some images?

KB0038: Does Jutoh support encryption/copy protection/DRM?

KB0039: Does Jutoh support justification?

KB0040: Can I send Epub files to Amazon KDP instead of generating Kindle files?

KB0041: What do I do if Jutoh complains about missing styles?

KB0042: Can I edit the HTML and CSS directly?

KB0043: How can I create a Greek Epub?

KB0044: How do I permanently change the table of contents?

KB0045: How can the title 'Table of Contents' be shown in a different language?

KB0046: How do I link back from section headings to the table of contents?

KB0047: Removing underlining and colour from links

KB0048: How do I add a watermark to all pages in Epub or Kindle?

KB0049: Why do images, including the cover, expand incorrectly on some readers?

KB0050: How do I fix oversized images, tables or boxes?

KB0051: Why are some of my images fuzzy or low quality?

KB0052: Why does the table of contents (TOC) only appear in the finished ebook, and not in the Jutoh project?

KB0053: Can I use the original table of contents in my imported document?

KB0054: Where should I put page breaks?

KB0055: Why do you use jargon such as documents, sections, configurations, and so on?

KB0056: Why don't tabs work in Jutoh?

KB0057: How to find rogue characters for EpubCheck 'invalid XML character' errors

KB0058: How do I update EpubCheck?

KB0059: How do I change a document title?

KB0060: Why do I need to split my book into sections?

KB0061: How do I make Jutoh output repeated images as a single image file?

KB0062: How do I view the contents of a Mobi/Kindle file?

KB0063: Does Jutoh support fixed layout books?

KB0064: What is the Scraps folder for?

KB0065: Do I have to buy a new copy of Jutoh for every computer or operating system?

KB0066: What is EpubCheck?

KB0067: How do I upload my book to Amazon and other services?

KB0068: Why does clicking Launch give an error message?

KB0069: What metadata fields do I need to fill in?

KB0070: There are lots of document tabs! How do I close them?

KB0071: How do I format small caps?

KB0072: What are guide types?

KB0073: Images appear too large in the editor

KB0074: How do I add hyperlinks?

KB0075: Can I import footnotes from an existing document?

KB0076: Why are Jutoh project files so large?

KB0077: What import and export formats are available?

KB0078: Users cannot customize the fonts for my book

KB0079: What fonts can I use in my book?

KB0080: I have problems launching my Epub or Mobipocket file

KB0081: Will my book have page numbers?

KB0082: Why are fonts not working when viewed on an actual device?

KB0083: Can I add audio and video files?

KB0084: Why are my embedded fonts not working?

KB0085: How can I search for text and replace styles at the same time?

KB0086: There is an XML parsing error when opening a section

KB0087: How can I have multiple tables of contents and a master table of contents?

KB0088: How do I add a clickable email address?

KB0089: Why are the Sync and Share buttons on a Kindle disabled?

KB0090: I split a document and now there are unresolved bookmarks

KB0091: Clicking on a link in a Kindle book appears to go to the wrong location

KB0092: Executing custom commands before and after compilation

KB0093: Why don't imported list bullets show up?

KB0094: How can I have different content in my book depending on the distributor?

KB0095: Why do I get the error 'bookmark not found' when using endnotes?

KB0096: Jutoh complains that the cover design does not exist

KB0097: When I try to open a Jutoh project in Linux I get the error 'Could not display MyFile.jutoh'

KB0098: How do I delete a project file?

KB0099: How do I change the default project location?

KB0100: How do I avoid having footnotes as well as endnotes in an OpenDocument file?

KB0101: Why are my new styles not showing after importing a style sheet?

KB0102: How can I crop or resize images before importing them into Jutoh?

KB0103: How can I open several projects at the same time?

KB0104: How can I fix a checksum error when uploading to iTunes?

KB0105: Why does my cover image not show on a Kobo device?

KB0106: Why do footnotes in exported ODT files not display correctly?

KB0107: On Linux, I get 'Sorry, the existing instance of Jutoh may be too busy too respond'

KB0108: Why are some GIF or JPEG images not displayed in my Epub using Adobe Digital Editions?

KB0109: How do I specify popup footnotes for Apple Books?

KB0110: Why is Jutoh slow to load a document created by Google Docs?

KB0111: What do I do if a document or project becomes corrupted?

KB0112: Navigation goes to the wrong section on Kindle

KB0113: Why do special 'dingbat' symbols not show on some ereaders?

KB0114: Do I really need two covers when submitting a Kindle book?

KB0115: Why do italics not show up in my ebooks?

KB0116: Why do font and style controls go crazy on Mac OS X?

KB0117: Why are string tables not working in my book?

KB0118: How can I test my Epub and Kindle books?

KB0119: Why are some images in my book duplicated?

KB0120: How do I resolve Lulu errors?

KB0121: How do I keep a caption on the same page as its image?

KB0122: Can Jutoh handle diacritics?

KB0123: How do I use Jutoh with print on demand services?

KB0124: Why does paste suddenly not work in Jutoh on Windows?

KB0125: Does Jutoh handle RTL languages such as Arabic and Hebrew?

KB0126: How can I optimise Jutoh performance?

KB0127: Why does my page style stop working after the first chapter in ODT?

KB0128: How do I convert an ODT file to a Microsoft Word file?

KB0129: Why are there spurious page breaks in my Epub?

KB0130: Kindlegen and/or Kindle Previewer cannot be run from Jutoh on Windows or Mac

KB0131: Why are there empty paragraphs before page breaks in my ODT document?

KB0132: Text is invisible when editing text boxes in a fixed layout page.

KB0133: How do I add letter spacing for Epub and Kindle books?

KB0134: White space appears below images in Epub books

KB0135: Some image properties are not working

KB0136: Will my transparent images display correctly?

KB0137: How do I combine several projects into one project?

KB0138: Why does the start page not work on Kindle?

KB0139: How can popup footnotes be implemented for Kindle?

KB0140: Why does the Epub NavMap display incorrectly in NOOK Press?

KB0141: I have problems with page styles and ODT generation

KB0142: Fixed layout Kindle book does not adapt properly to portrait and landscape orientations

KB0143: What do I do if my Kindle book is rejected by Amazon?

KB0144: How do I get rid of Kindlegen warnings about relative position?

KB0145: How can I get Kindle for PC to show my updated cover?

KB0146: Why do hyperlinks (URLs) not work in Kindle fixed format books?

KB0147: Why does Jutoh warn about generating Epub and Kindle formats in a single configuration?

KB0148: Why are numbers smaller than other letters in Kindle?

KB0149: Can a book have reflowable sections and fixed layout pages?

KB0150: Why is a chapter replaced by a table of contents in ODT export?

KB0151: Why does my compiled ODT file contain the words UPDATE ME?

KB0152: Error previewing a Kindle file on Mac OS X

KB0153: Why does Jutoh warn about no guide types in a fixed layout book?

KB0154: Why does Jutoh warn about duplicate guide types?

KB0155: Why do accents not appear on some ebook readers?

KB0156: How can I fix a Java version error when running Epubcheck?

KB0157: Why does the table of contents/NCX get messed up on Kobo?

KB0158: How I can sell my book on my own web site?

KB0159: How can I create better-looking Thai language books?

KB0160: How do I add or remove automatic heading numbering?

KB0161: How to import equations/maths into Jutoh

KB0162: Why are there blank pages or lines in my ODT file?

KB0163: Can I run Jutoh on the Raspberry Pi 2?

KB0164: Why does Amazon KDP say that my ebook has an unrecognised file format?

KB0165: How can I reduce the file size of my book?

KB0166: How can I move the table of contents from the start of the book?

KB0167: Can Jutoh format computer source code?

KB0168: How can I get a word count?

KB0169: Why does my book have no paragraph spacing in Kindle Look Inside?

KB0170: Why are some images not displayed correctly in fixed layout books on Kindle?

KB0171: Why are image objects displayed with an incorrect size in fixed layout books on the Kindle Paperwhite?

KB0172: Why is paragraph spacing not always preserved from the original Word file?

KB0173: Why is spacing after a page break not preserved in the ebook?

KB0174: Why does Jutoh warn about duplicate identifiers?

KB0175: Why does Kindle for iOS not respect table cell widths?

KB0176: How do I ensure that identical images are written only once?

KB0177: How do I make Jutoh prompt to save individual documents?

KB0178: How do I get back a hidden window?

KB0179: How can I easily insert symbols that are not available from the keyboard?

KB0180: How can I create large print books?

KB0181: How can I size an image relative to the current text size?

KB0182: Why are blank paragraphs and non-breaking spaces not showing in Adobe Digital Editions?

KB0183: Why does an embedded font cause Apple Books to crash?

KB0184: Why is Jutoh still generating a table of contents when I thought I had disabled it?

KB0185: Why did cut (Cmd+X) delete the document and not the selected content?

KB0186: Why are there blank pages before or after images on Kobo?

KB0187: After import from DOCX or ODT, why is caption numbering different from the original?

KB0188: Word DOCX file exported by Pages omits indentation and adds boxes around paragraphs

KB0189: ODT file opened directly in Microsoft Word causes PDF link problems

KB0190: Why is there a duplicate cover in my book?

KB0191: What word processors are compatible with Jutoh?

KB0192: How do I show the horizontal formatting toolbar in the Jutoh editor?

KB0193: Links do not work in Amazon's online Kindle previewer

KB0194: Dealing with non-contiguous lists

KB0195: Does Jutoh work with multiple monitors?

KB0196: Does Jutoh work with high-resolution (HiDPI, retina) displays?

KB0197: Why does Jutoh complain about paragraph style indentation for lists?

KB0198: Can the header showing the book title on each page in Kindle Previewer be removed?

KB0199: How can I copy or import styles from another project?

KB0200: Why do I get an ITMS-9000 error when uploading my Epub to Apple?

KB0201: Why is my fixed layout book jumbled when uploaded to a Kobo eInk device?

KB0202: How can I make a box set?

KB0203: Why do I get formatting problems on Kindle for iOS?

KB0204: Why are there bookmark errors referencing the table of contents when compiling an ODT file?

KB0205: How do I fix bookmark not found errors?

KB0206: Why does line spacing seem cramped in the generated book?

KB0207: Why is some formatting not as expected in the generated ODT file?

KB0208: Why are some of my ODT comments colouring large portions of content?

KB0209: Why does Jutoh warn about a missing toc guide type?

KB0210: Why are some chapters or content missing in the finished book?

KB0211: Why can I not specify a paragraph bullet without using a list style?

KB0212: Can Jutoh be used to create Hindi or Tamil books?

KB0213: Why is list indentation inconsistent in the generated ebook, but not in Jutoh?

KB0214: What size should my images be?

KB0215: Jutoh warns about duplicate bookmarks, but I can't find them

KB0216: How can I see a list of just my favourite styles?

KB0217: Does Jutoh support hyphenation?

KB0218: Hyperlink not resolved error when compiling a Kindle book

KB0219: Jutoh is telling me about a corrupt object or old formatting

KB0220: How do I include picture headings in my table of contents?

KB0221: Why are extra styles with 'No Space Before' or 'No Space After' created after importing from Word?

KB0222: How do I remove unused styles from a style sheet?

KB0223: Why does Kindlegen complain about PostScript in my embedded OTF fonts?

KB0224: How can I stop sections starting on a new page?

KB0225: How can I switch off Kindle page flip so my Kindle Unlimited income is not reduced?

KB0226: How can I preview enhanced typesetting for Kindle files?

KB0227: Why are my images clipped on the right edge?

KB0228: Why does Jutoh warn about hard-wired colours?

KB0229: How do I format text in a footnote?

KB0230: Why is the author filled in with my user name in new projects?

KB0231: Why does Jutoh complain about an automatic table of contents when compiling for ODT?

KB0232: Why is the page break in the previous paragraph repeated when I press return?

KB0233: How do I fix an unresolved URL with a missing target document?

KB0234: How can I create comics, illustrated children's books and graphic novels in Jutoh?

KB0235: How can I get headings split across paragraphs to show in the table of contents?

KB0236: Why does the NCX (logical) table of contents not show on Kindle for iOS?

KB0237: How do I automatically number table of contents entries?

KB0238: Why does Jutoh crash on Windows when using the reimport command?

KB0239: Why does Jutoh warn about blank paragraphs?

KB0240: How can I make a link into a popup for Apple Books?

KB0241: Why does Jutoh warn about a page break at the start of a document?

KB0242: How can I crop images that overlap fixed layout page edges?

KB0243: Why are centred paragraphs not showing properly on Nook?

KB0244: Why does Jutoh warn about large images?

KB0245: Why does Jutoh warn about line spacing?

KB0246: Why does Jutoh warn about direct formatting?

KB0247: How do I create a hanging indent?

KB0248: Why does Jutoh warn about non-standard text size?

KB0249: How do I centre an image in Microsoft Word or other word processor, for import into Jutoh?

KB0250: How do I remove extra space after paragraphs?

KB0251: How do I copy and paste whole paragraphs, preserving formatting?

KB0252: How do I copy and paste images?

KB0253: Why do floating images and text boxes imported from ODT or DOCX not show properly?

KB0254: Why do pictures get imported as drawing objects?

KB0255: Why does Word or LibreOffice crash when I paste an image copied from Jutoh?

KB0256: Why do I get a message at the top of my ebook pages about upgrading to Jutoh Plus?

KB0257: Does Jutoh require Java?

KB0258: Why is scaled image quality poor in Adobe Digital Editions?

KB0259: Why did Jutoh remove my page breaks when importing?

KB0260: What are the limitations when importing from a Word DOCX file?

KB0261: Why are relative widths not working for objects in table cells?

KB0262: Working with absolute sizes for tables, boxes and images

KB0263: Why does Jutoh warn about page references?

KB0264: Why are headings smaller than normal text when viewing an Epub?

KB0265: The ebook isn't exactly the same as a Word or PDF file!

KB0266: Why does my embedded font not show in the Jutoh editor?

KB0267: EpubCheck fails to run

KB0268: Why does my book cover not appear on my Kindle after sideloading?

KB0269: How do I prevent headings being followed by a page break?

KB0270: Why are first-line and full indents not the same on Kindle?

KB0271: How can I use Microsoft Edge to view my ebooks?

KB0272: Why are my tables not centred in an Epub viewer?

KB0273: Why are my tables and boxes clipped on the right edge?

KB0274: Why does Jutoh show a Java.Lang.NullPointerException when converting from DOCX?

KB0275: Why does Jutoh complain about an unrecognised character attribute when converting from DOCX?

KB0276: How do I remove list formatting?

KB0277: Why do unused automatic styles remain in the formatting palette?

KB0278: How can I install Java on Mac OS X 10.11 and above?

KB0279: How can I change the size of the cover image?

KB0280: Can Jutoh show a detailed outline for navigation purposes?

KB0281: Why are buttons so large in the Jutoh user interface?

KB0282: Can Jutoh display only the styles used in the project?

KB0283: Why does the top of a page get chopped off when navigating on Kindle?

KB0284: How do I preview a Kindle book on iOS using an iPhone or iPad?

KB0285: How do I replace ordinary quotes with smart quotes?

KB0286: Tall images are cut off at the bottom in Epub or Kindle books

KB0287: I'm using a downloaded font and the Jutoh editor and styles list are blank

KB0288: Why could the toc not be built when compiling for Kindle?

KB0289: Why does Kindlegen execution fail?

KB0290: What is the difference between the Epub and Kindle configurations?

KB0291: How do I copy and paste formatting from a Microsoft Word document?

KB0292: How can I add versioning to my Apple Books Epub?

KB0293: How can I update my images from external files?

KB0294: Why are text boxes not breaking properly?

KB0295: Why are page curl and the alignment option not working in my Kindle book?

KB0296: When importing a style sheet, are existing styles preserved?

KB0297: Why is text clipped on the right edge in Kindle for PC?

KB0298: Why are my headings joined up with subheadings in the table of contents?

KB0299: Why are there only blank pages on Apple Books for iPad or iPhone?

KB0300: Why does Jutoh for Mac (64-bit) crash when viewing one chapter of my book?

KB0301: Can I have different headers and footers on left and right pages?

KB0302: Why is my heading numbering not working after import from DOCX or ODT?

KB0303: How do I fit column widths to content in a table?

KB0304: Can Jutoh automatically convert my SVG pictures to PNG bitmaps?

KB0305: Can I create an interactive and/or multimedia books with Jutoh?

KB0306: How can I remove certain chapters from the table of contents and navigation map?

KB0307: Why are my images centred on some viewers, but not others?

KB0308: Can I undo my style edits, and other project properties edits?

KB0309: Apple Books fails to size an image when the height is specified as a percentage

KB0310: Kindle Previewer 3 fails to convert my Mobipocket file to AZK

KB0311: What page size should I choose for fixed layout books?

KB0312: How do I change image size in Jutoh?

KB0313: Why is there only one entry in my table of contents?

KB0314: Why are my ebook files created with numerical suffixes on an iCloud drive?

KB0315: My images do not have the effects I applied in Word or other word processor

KB0316: How do I add a chapter or other book section?

KB0317: How can Jutoh help me with proofreading and editing?

KB0318: Why does Jutoh show 'XML parsing error' when trying to import an ODT file?

KB0319: How do I embed remote audio or video in my project?

KB0320: Some Kindle tables render poorly in Kindle Previewer 3

KB0321: Why is Kindle Previewer not showing my book with enhanced typesetting?

KB0322: How do I format a block of quoted text such as a letter or poem in Jutoh?

KB0323: How I can see paragraph breaks in the Jutoh editor?

KB0324: What accessibility information can be imported from Word and ODT files?

KB0325: Why are text boxes showing with the wrong font size?

KB0326: How do I have both footnotes and endnotes in the same project?

KB0327: Why does a German start quotation mark used for drop caps cause a page break in Kindle Previewer 3?

KB0328: How can I have Jutoh automatically update a revision number for each compile?

KB0329: Jutoh doesn't appear to save my changes

KB0330: How do I eliminate a Lulu warning about meta@dtb:uid content?

KB0331: Why does Apple Books fail to open my Epub with a missing resource error?

KB0332: How can I format the first line of a chapter in small caps?

KB0333: Using Jutoh and KDP to create a print book

KB0334: How do I stop words breaking at em-dash?

KB0335: Why are styles in my ODT document mysteriously taking on attributes such as indent that I didn't specify?

KB0336: How do I specify my image size in em units?

KB0337: Why do pictures sometimes disappear in Kindle for PC?

KB0338: Can I use Dragon Dictate/Naturally Speaking with Jutoh?

KB0339: How do I use a specific font for drop caps?

KB0340: Why do my tables not fit on the page in some viewer applications?

KB0341: How do I rename a project?

KB0342: Why is zoom disabled on the Kindle for Windows and Mac applications?

KB0343: Does Jutoh support image maps or clickable regions imported from Word?

KB0344: What PPI or DPI should I use in my images?

KB0345: Why are some styles in other documents not listed in the Formatting Palette?

KB0346: How do I fix an error when launching my OpenDocument (ODT) file?

KB0347: Why are there problems reading my Epub in Apple Books?

KB0348: How can I avoid having a large table of contents at the front of the book?

KB0349: Why does my project contain duplicate styles?

KB0350: Why are some files disabled (greyed out) in file selection dialogs on Mac?

KB0351: Why does Windows complain that files cannot be found, opened or written?

KB0352: How can I obfuscate or encrypt my embedded fonts in an Epub file?

KB0353: Can I embed fonts in an OpenDocument (ODT) file?

KB0354: Can Jutoh perform font subsetting?

KB0355: Can I import an old Word file in DOC format?

KB0356: What font size should I be using in my book?

KB0357: Why does Jutoh warn me about point text size in my fixed layout project?

KB0358: Why does Jutoh complain about duplicate NavMap targets?

KB0359: Why does Jutoh warn me that 'TOC Entry' styles are used outside of the table of contents?

KB0360: Why does my fixed layout cover not work in Apple Books?

KB0361: Why do paragraph styles include direct character formatting?

KB0362: What size should my cover image be for Apple Books?

KB0363: Fixed layout Epub 3 files do not display in landscape on the Kobo Aura

KB0364: Why does the 'chapter' field show the wrong text in my ODT file?

KB0365: Why does the first item link to the top of the page in my custom index, such as illustration index?

KB0366: How do I create a Jutoh template?

KB0367: Why are boxes cut in half on Kindle?

KB0368: Monospace code formatting is not working with Kindle enhanced typesetting

KB0369: Why do otherwise blank paragraphs show a hyphen, dash or underline when previewed?

KB0370: How can I see scene headings in an outline, without showing the scene headings in my ebook?

KB0371: Why does text size not change when I set the font size?

KB0372: Why is list indentation greater than expected when viewing in Kindle Previewer 3 or devices?

KB0373: Why is my cover image faded on the left and right sides on Kindle for iOS?

KB0374: Why are there hidden rows or columns in my table?

KB0375: Why are first page headers or footers not showing in my ODT document?

KB0376: Why does Jutoh report a style name clash when compiling?

KB0377: Why are my tables tiny in Kindle Previewer 3?

KB0378: Why are list continuation paragraphs not spaced correctly in Kindle Previewer?

KB0379: Why do table paragraphs in columns not align on Kindle Previewer 3?

KB0380: How can I mark my ebook as a review copy?

KB0381: Why does my cover thumbnail not show in Apple Books?

KB0382: Why do some headings have a number that I can't edit or remove?

KB0383: Why do full-page images get repeated in Adobe Digital Editions?

KB0384: How can I get my image captions to align with the image?

KB0385: Can I write and print screenplays with Jutoh?

KB0386: How do I find a font in my project content?

KB0387: Why is image width being ignored in LibreOffice (ODT) for some repeated images?

KB0388: How do I print or export the documents under Scraps?

KB0389: Why are Amazon links not supported on Kindle for iOS?

KB0390: Why do image links not seem to work on Kindle?

KB0391: Why do I get duplicated tables of contents?

KB0392: How can I compare the content of one project with another?

KB0393: Why does the contents hierarchy in my PDF show incorrectly in Adobe Digital Editions?

KB0394: How are outline levels used?

KB0395: Why are my headings numbered twice in ODT?

KB0396: How do I add a cross-reference to an automatically numbered heading?

KB0397: How do I apply automatic heading numbering but exclude the first few chapters?

KB0398: How do I add captions that automatically use the chapter number and figure number?

KB0399: How do I add a link or cross-reference to an automatically-numbered caption?

KB0400: How do I get the correct spacing in figures with captions?

KB0401: Why does EpubCheck give a warning about reading order?

KB0402: Why do links to special sections not work in ODT?

KB0403: Can I add a back cover to a Jutoh project?

KB0404: How can I check for duplicate bibliographic entries?

KB0405: Why does Jutoh warn that multiple configurations use the same Epub file name?

KB0406: How can I perform a grammar check on my Jutoh project?

KB0407: Why is the chapter field showing incorrectly in my ODT header or footer?

KB0408: How can I show subheadings and notes in the book outline?

KB0409: How can I launch either Kindle for PC/Mac or Kindle Previewer from Jutoh?

KB0410: Some buttons are cramped on Jutoh for Mac OS

KB0411: Why are columns displaying on their own rows in Kindle for some tables?

KB0412: How do I avoid some chapters being numbered in ODT when automatically numbering headings?

KB0413: Why does Jutoh warn about missing section tags when generating DAISY books?

KB0414: How to implement custom list bullets

KB0415: How do I add cross-references to page numbers in an OpenDocument file?

KB0416: How do I add a horizontal rule?

KB0417: How does undo/redo work in Jutoh?

KB0418: Jutoh keeps crashing on Mac due to bad folder permissions

KB0419: How I do control the names of individual documents?

KB0420: How can I add a link to a chapter in my book?

KB0421: How can I move Jutoh to another computer?

KB0422: Why is my table of contents being overwritten when I compile?

KB0423: When I launch my ODT file in LibreOffice, why do I get the message 'Missing hyphenation info'?

KB0424: Nook doesn't start reading at the right location

KB0425: How does Jutoh import fonts?

KB0426: Where do default fonts and other default formatting come from?

KB0427: How can I send my Kindle books to other people?

KB0428: Why does Jutoh add bookmarks called auto_bookmark_toc_top to the top of sections?

KB0429: Kindle removes some text colours in the downloaded book

KB0430: Why do spurious lines show in images in my Kindle book?

KB0431: Why do URLs show in my OpenDocument (ODT) file?

KB0432: Why do page breaks not work on some Epub readers?

KB0433: Why does text overflow when previewing fixed layout books?

KB0434: Can I vertically align an image or text on a page?

KB0435: How can I remove line breaks at the end of paragraphs?

KB0436: How can I combine headings when exporting ODT?

KB0437: Should I use Epub or Mobi files for Kindle?

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